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Pc System Security (CND) And the Intellect Group - A Greater Stage of Security

There are three sectors of the Federal Govt that are vitally concerned with Pc System Security and the Intellect Group adds an extra degree of protection because of the categorized nature of community actions.

As a result, companies that offer Pc System Security (CND) solutions are held to even higher standards than the usual high specifications of providers for Online Security projects.

The concept of Pc System Security has a broad menu of solutions that offer an infrastructure against cyber strikes from domestic and international sources. While each organization has particular Online Security needs and protection of categorized information and information, a common plan can be developed and used as a template for individual users.

General Objectives:

In common, companies that perform Pc System Security Services are assigned to meet four goals.

· Suggesting architectures, application and hardware
· Implementing the federal government approved solution
· Doing functions and maintenance of the CND program
· Assuring that protection specifications for categorized material are met ( a higher degree of protection requirement)

The specialist is also needed to make frequent formal reports and/or briefings detail status and achievements in the various CND functional areas.

Specific CND duties include, but are not limited to:


Deployment requires the specialist to develop all application and components needed to establish a state of the art Online Security Defensive network that will enhance resistance, make sure that the techniques operate properly and observe actions on a day to day foundation. It is important that the entire execution effort harmonizes with the organization protection workplace to make sure that the security of categorized information is not affected. Deployment usually includes:

· Set up, maintaining, and observe and solidify company's border resistance on all categorized and unclassified networks
· Implementing, managing, sustain, observe, and solidify company's attack recognition capability on all categorized and unclassified networks
· Operating, sustain, observe and solidify company's Domain Name Servers(DNS) on all categorized and unclassified networks

Manage Assist and Support:

Additional assistance is often needed in the form of identification of new products/technology that enhance the security of the network. Since Online Security is in a rapid growth phase, new items and technological innovation are constantly emerging. Some of this technological innovation is good and some is not useful. Qualified choices are needed to pick the best applicable technological innovation.

A sample of extra assistance includes:

· Operating carefully with technological innovation and functions for the installation and settings control of CND devices on company's networks
· Doing application and components weeknesses tests on all categorized and unclassified techniques and systems
· Handling, and tracking the enterprise anti-virus program
· Providing assistance and guidance in the growth of system and network protection plans
· Handling and tracking it and network review log reviews for all techniques and systems

Testing and Reporting:

Continuous examining of it is the best way to identify and prevent future cyber strikes regularly. Based upon examining, choices can be made to enhance the performance of the Online Security network. Included in this process are the following steps:

· Determining anomalous activity in an review log instantly to the federal government manager
· Doing network and system protection plan conformity testing
· Confirming noncompliance with system and network protection programs instantly to the federal government manager
· Executing application, components, and settings weeknesses tests on all organization techniques and networks
· Operating carefully with company's protection workplace in the growth, execution, and control of company's system protection program
· Handling, and tracking the detachable media access control program on all organization techniques and networks

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